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My love of ceramics began in primary school when I took after school pottery classes. Throughout high school I took fine arts subjects and planned to go to art school, but then my passion for sailing, travel and adventure took over. This took me all over the World and to compete in the Sydney and Athens Olympics. Now, many years later I have two school age children and after following my heart I have found my way back to ceramic art.

For me, throwing pots on the wheel is what makes my heart sing. I love the directness of making something beautiful and useful out of clay with my bare hands. I use a manual kick wheel which is physical as well as slow and meditative. Unpacking shiny new pots from the kiln is exciting, nerve-racking and addictive.

I am passionate about creating unique and functional pieces that add charm and mindfulness to daily rituals - like drinking coffee.

I love good food and cooking, and this draws me towards creating vessels that can be used for serving beautiful food and drink.


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